Vendor Information

Vendor Costs & Payments

SPACE COST:    Each 10x10 space costs $420. Vendors can purchase multiple spaces. * SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

CONFIRMATION:     Space is sold on a first come, first served basis. Your space will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and completion of this registration form.

PAYMENT: For each 10 x 10 vendor space, send a non-refundable $420 by e-transfer at 


VENDING TIME:   The event opens 4pm-12am 4/19-4/21

SET-UP TIME:    The dates and times of vendor delivery and set-up are to be determined.

INCLUDED:    Access to the Connoisseur Cup Site is included for all registered Vendors PLUS ONE staff person PER 10 x 10 space.

ADDITIONAL VENDOR STAFF will need to purchase tickets to the Connoisseur Cup at:

NOT INCLUDED:    Purchase of Vendor Space does not include amenities such as furniture and tent. Please see the section below for these rental options.

PROPERTY SECURITY:    Site security services will be provided for the duration of the Connoisseur Cup. However, Vendors will be responsible for appropriately securing their own wares.

WASTE MANAGEMENT:    Vendors will be responsible for containing and removing all waste generated by their vending, and are required to minimize product packaging and other waste passed on to their customers.


ALL VENDORS are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and accommodations at the Connoisseur Cup Finals event. 

PARKING:    Parking will be provided at the Connoisseur Cup site. SOME PARKING OR SHUTTLE COSTS MAY APPLY.

Please note that the booth space only covers the physical 10×10 space and no amenities. There is a space in this form for you to identify what other needs you have, and organizers will get back to you with a cost of what we are able to provide these extras for. Direct all questions to