Vendor Information

Vendor Costs & Payments

SPACE COST:    Each 10x10 space costs $710  *   Each 4x6 space is $420. Vendors can purchase multiple spaces. * SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

CONFIRMATION:     Space is sold on a first come, first served basis. Your space will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and completion of this registration form.

PAYMENT: For vendor space, send a non-refundable by e-transfer at 


VENDING TIME:   The event opens 7pm-12am 4/19-4/20

SET-UP TIME:    The dates and times of vendor delivery and set-up are to be determined.

INCLUDED:    Access to the Connoisseur Cup Site is included for all registered Vendors PLUS 4 staff person PER 10 x 10 space.

ADDITIONAL VENDOR STAFF will need to purchase tickets to the Connoisseur Cup at:

NOT INCLUDED:    Purchase of Vendor Space does not include amenities such as furniture and tent. Please see the section below for these rental options.

PROPERTY SECURITY:    Site security services will be provided for the duration of the Connoisseur Cup. However, Vendors will be responsible for appropriately securing their own wares.

WASTE MANAGEMENT:    Vendors will be responsible for containing and removing all waste generated by their vending, and are required to minimize product packaging and other waste passed on to their customers.