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    Cannabis Connoisseur's Challenge Participation/Sponsorship Package


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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition (CCC) would like to invite your company to participate in the Connoissuer's Concentrate Challenge. Each Company will start with the same Connoisseur Cup Winning Sativa Chemmy Jones* trim from "IN THE FLOW" and have until 7/6 to produce their best products for the CCC to showcase at the 7/7 Connoissuer Sesh. Sponorship/Participation includes

    -Social Media promotions 1mo. before and after event

    -Exclusive Access to Connoisseur Cup Sativa Champion Chemmy Jones* Trim from "IN THE FLOW" at $350/lb.

                                                                                                                                                                             Available for pick up June 15-20th

    -Graphics on all promo material

    -Product resale option with Connoisseur Seal

    -Showcasing at Connoisseur Sesh 7/7

    -Vip Table for 5

    For more information Call 970-279-1420

    Official Connoisseur Cup 2018 Venue

    Baldoria on the Water Lakewood, Colorado

    Connoisseur Cup 2018 Winners

    The Cannabis Connoisseur's Coalition would like to thank everyone who participated!

    Overall Flower Champion

    Connoisseur's Choice Flower:

    High Level Health Award Winning Cannabis

    Skywalker OG

    Connoisseur's Choice Concentrate Diamond:

    Oil Well & Grant Pharms, MMC


    1st Place Overall Flower:

    High Level Health Marijuana Dispensary

    Skywalker OG

    Runner Up: In The Flow * Lemon Skunk

    3rd Overall: Cookies & Chem * High Level Health

    Industry #LIVE Concentrates

    #1st Place Apothecary Extracts * Gunslinger

    #2nd Place West Edison Cannabis Concentrates * Queen Cheese LIVE Resin

    #3rd Place NuHi Distribution * #Bordello LIVE Sugar Wax

    Industry Med Concentrates

    #1st Place Grant Pharms * Hulk Diesel

    #2nd Place RM Extracts * Slazer Beam THCa & Terp Sauce

    #3rd Place Mana Extract * East Coast Sour Diesel

    Indica Flower

    Best Indica: Hound Dawg * The Green Joint

    2nd Place Runner up Inica * Gorilla Glue * High Level Health

    Sativa Flower

    Best Sativa: Chemmy Jones * In The Flow

    2nd Place runner up Sativa: Foco Sage * The Health Center

    Best Hybrid * Passion Orange * High Level Health

    2nd Place runner up Hybrid * Bio Diesel * The Green Joint

    Best CBD Flower: Boax * Chickweed Farms

    Best Pen's

    #1 Green Dot Labs FSE Pens * Headbanger * Passion Z * Tangelope * Berry Sanders

    #2 Evolab CO2 * Cherry Diesel

    #3 Openvape * Bavarian Cream

    Non Industry Flower

    #1 Girl Scout Cookies * Only_ Fire_ 719

    #2 Emerald OG * Rachel KillSmalls

    #3 Fruity Pebbles * Kevin Eldoman

    Organic Flower

    #1st Place * Cupcake * Farmhouse Genetics

    #2nd Place * Fruity Pebbles * Lola's Garden

    #3rd Place * Chocolate Diesel * Chickweed Farms

    Non Industry Overall Concentrates

    Best Non Industry Diamonds * Twisty Treat Seeds

    Best Non Industry Concentrate Company

    #1st Place @ Twitch Extracts

    #2nd Place @Twisty Treat Seeds

    #3rd Place @Mad710Skillz

    Best CBD * Sacred Body CBD

    Best CBD Dabs * Steve's Goods

    Best Rosin * Cannabizco

    Best Shatter * Kayak / The Green Joint * Clemintine

    Best Wax * West Edison Concentrates * Cherry Lime Haze

    Best Sauce * Green Dot Lab * Gunslinger

    Best THCa * West Edison Cannabis Concentrates

    Best Badder * Apothecary Extracts * Blueberry Cheesecake

    Best Distillate * All Greens * @Daves not_h3r3_man

    Best Beverage * Thin Green Line * Kombucha

    Best Hard Candy * Norman's Wow Pop's

    Best Budder * Quest Concentrates * TK Tangie

    Best PHO * Blue Sour * Excellent Extractions * Naturaleaf Tejon MMC

    People's Choice Concentrates

    Yoshi Extracts

    People's Choice Distillate's

    #Slosson Hemp

    Best Topicals:

    1st Place - Veedverks * Amelia CBD Topical

    2nd Place - Evolve * NanoSpere Delivery System

    3rd Place - Mary's Medicinals Elite CBD Muscle Freeze

    Non Industry Edibles

    1st Place - Sam'z Creations * Banana Strawberry 200mg Pudding

    2nd Place - Twitch Extracts * Kambutcha

    3rd Place - Tricome Shidaki * Pound Cake

    Industry Edibles

    Keef Cola: Keef Life Sativa Cranberry-Lime 100mg Thc 12 fluid ounces

    Nature's High Edibles: Lemon Lime Sugar Expressions 10mg doses for 100mg Thc

    Blue Kudu @eatbluekudu : Isle of Capri Blood Orange Dark Chocolate 10 doses for 100mg Thc

    Connoisseur Cup 2017 Champions

    Connoisseur Cup 2016 Sponsors

    Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition


    It's our mission to unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of Cannabis while creating and preserving the worlds most premium genetics products and services


    The Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition strive's to be the premier provider of targeted specialized legal Cannabis events, products and related services in North America and selected other international markets. 


    We build value for our partners and investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results and product. 

    Connoisseur Cup Qualifiers


    Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition Potoberfest

    1st Official Qualifier 




    2nd Official Qualifier




    3rd Official qualifier



    x-tract games

    4th Official Qualifier




    5th Official Qualifier



    march dabness

    6th Official Qualifier


    Featured Products

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    Industry & Non Industry


    8 Grams of Concentrates

    28 Grams of Flower

    12-36 Edibles, Products and/or Topical's 

    General Admission Tickets

    Just curious? Come Judge the entries based on look & smell only with your General Admission ticket. You can upgrade this ticket at any time if you choose to do so.

    Compliance is the key to hosting successful private consumption events. We provide a safe & legal environment for our CCC members to enjoy & judge the events with like minded individuals. 

    Judging Passes

    Come help us taste and rate Colorado's Finest Entries and help us choose which ones will compete in the the 2019 Connoisseur Cup Finals in April!!!


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